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Every week we like to round up some of the most interesting design news that happened this week. This week we saw The Huffington Post lose the ington and Sauve “rebrand” itself.


The Huffington Post recently rebranded to what has been their unofficial name for some time now. The new logo feels nice and looks good in practice. It’s certainly a clear and direct change from what the logo used to be. The Dentist Green shade is a bit off-putting at first glance, but once it is placed on a page the design does gain a new life. Read more about HuffPost’s redesign here.


With the founder of McAfee being who he is (Presidential candidate, the possible target of Belize government) and history as a bloated product, the McAfee redesign isn’t half as interesting as the people tangentially involved with the company. After being purchased by Intel and announcing a couple different name changes, McAfee is now pushing themselves as an independent company. The redesign itself is nice and the applications on their website (click here) are very well done. On its own, it feels like a safe choice, which is a great starting point for a security company. You look at the new logo and it feels like it belongs. It’s a comfortable design that has been handled very well. Read more about it here.

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Like any self-diagnosed “suave gentleman”, Suave: The Brand has always felt like an underachiever in the world of haircare. Content with describing itself as bold, but never brave enough to be. Recently, they undertook an experiment to (confused pause) confirm just that? Suave decided to send a repackaged shampoo to popular beauty bloggers asking for unbiased reviews. While the beauty bloggers were genuinely positive about the product, Suave’s main talking point seems to be simply asking women to reconsider Suave. Suave would most likely benefit from redesign the actual brand to match the minimalist nature of their fake product: evaus. Read more about the experiment here.
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