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Every week we like to round up some of the most interesting design news that happened this week. This week we saw disappear and New York open up the next election to designers.


Audi’s new look isn’t brand new, but Brand New just reviewed the new logo base on the guidelines Audi released. It’s worth a read. The new identity comes about 8 years after they released a shiny new logo. While the new logo can certainly be used in more creative ways. It’s hard not to miss the more interesting aspects of the old logo. Gone is any sense of depth and, in our opinion, the new logo leaves you feeling just a little disappointed. Read the review here.

Dotdash has rebranded itself, you’ll find that link now redirects you to Not often found in many people’s recent browsing history, but a brand that has managed to be recognizable. Now, Dotdash is focusing on its various magazines and smaller publications, the new brand is simply an umbrella. You can find out a little more about the thought behind the redesign and the reason for closing down About here.

I Voted

“I voted” stickers are a small symbol of a significant part of our lives. New York is holding a design contest right now to decide what the next election’s stickers might look like. Everything from modernistic interpretations to photorealistic designs are up for debate right now. You can pick your favorite here. With 20 finalists there’s a lot to choose from and if you don’t live in New York you still have the power to decide what will decorate their clothes for one day. Read more about the designs here.
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