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Every week we like to round up some of the most interesting design news that happened this week. This past couple weeks we saw SXSW lose their colorful designs and Hardee’s “grow up”.


South By Southwest has come and gone, but the logo is still being talked about, picked apart, and reviewed. It’s a basic design, but what makes it worth talking about is that it follows a history of colorful and bold design. SXSW has always prided itself in pushing boundaries, but when it came to the logo, it always felt a little behind. Though this new design doesn’t break any molds, it is a departure from the wilder and sporadic designs of the past. Read more about it here.

Action For Children

The ultimate goal of design is to present information clearly and understandably. That is powerfully represented in the redesign for Action for Children. Drawing inspiration from flowcharts, the new designs offer powerful visuals to demonstrate every facet of Action for Children’s mission. From classes to counseling, the designs let the viewer know exactly how they can benefit from the organization. Read more about the design and the designers behind it here.

Hardee’s And Carl’s Jr.

Along with a complete advertising reinvention, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.’s parent company has announced some entirely new branding. (Read more about the new advertising plan here.) It’s a sharp departure from the more childish logo of before. Black and yellow is a strong combination in most designs and it’s no different here. A solid move for a brand hoping to reimagine itself with a brand new CEO. Read more about the design here.
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