We’ve specialized in the financial sector for more than 35 years, working with in every segment of the industry.

Extensive Industry Knowledge: Our experience runs the gamut from consumer banking, investment firms, and venture capital groups to corporate and consumer credit cards.

Fortune 500 Clients: Our client roster includes Citibank, Fidelity, Diners Club and Discover. Our cross-media campaigns have yielded profitable results for all of them.

Global Campaign Experience: We’ve created communications for markets in Asia, Europe and Latin America, so we’re adept at designing for multiple languages and cultural viewpoints.

What We Do


We write things the way we’d want to read them, and say a lot with just a few words.


We believe that design is its own language, and we make sure ours speaks to everyone.


Our inspirations range from strategic research to pop culture to the world outside our windows.

Say Hello To The Principals

  • Micheal Lee
    Micheal Lee President/Owner

    He’s not bossy, he’s just the boss.

    Started this agency 36 years ago. Never looked back. Turned impressive fine art skills into a booming design business that thrives on the demands of Fortune 500 companies. Likes transforming complex products into simple, arresting design. Resident expert on typography, cartel biographies, and how to make great pesto. Loves our clients, and they love him back—enough to even invite him to their weddings.

  • Lana Lee
    Lana Lee Chief Creative Officer

    Mover. Shaker. Creative Motivator.

    Raised on the mean streets of Hinsdale. Schooled on the fancy streets of Paris. Spent 15 years developing next-level design skills in the capital of global fashion. Now delivering a fresh perspective to the world of digital design. Left brain/right brain balanced, partial to Skittles and generally tasting the rainbow. Execution-focused and solution-oriented—that’s business-ese for gets the job done and makes your job easier.

  • Maria Piller
    Maria Piller Senior Copywriter

    Grammar fan, Oxford comma agnostic.

    First gig was writing Internet quizzes. Moved to ad copy when it was time for a real job. Wrote for agencies small, medium and large, but not until ML+A did she find one just right. Idea conceptor, detailed editor, latte addict. Author of a children’s book called “Marvin the Fat Horse.” While she waits for it to become a bestseller, she’s publishing great works for our clients.

Who We Do It For

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